Good Ideas: Hotel Community Garden


Hotel Community Garden 1

The grand prize winner of the Rethink Hotels competition by Tablet Hotels was a concept called “The Allotment.” The building would combine a market, restaurant and a rooftop hotel community garden. There are also plans for an off-site experience for guests to explore the city’s culinary offerings.

We love the idea of putting a community garden in the hotel. The garden would be a great place for locals and guests to meet and mingle. Visitors would have a better opportunity to learn about the city, and the hotel would become a relevant part of the local community.

Urban Gardens Web reported on the concept, saying that the garden would be a perfect spot for guest-local interaction.

“The hotel’s roof would be home to a large urban community garden subdivided into individual-sized plots. Local residents and guests would be invited to farm or could drop in to learn gardening techniques, and guests would be encouraged to bring their own local seeds. There might be a rooftop bar serving garden-to-glass cocktails where people would come together for a communal urban agro experience.”

The garden would be sustained in part by collecting rainwater. The hotel would use leftover food as compost.

Is the hotel community garden an executable idea? Read more about the concept at Urban Gardens Web.

Photo Credit: Dean Moran

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