Restaurant Interior Design

When it comes to restaurant interior design, Linowes Design Associates brings a wealth of experience obtained from all facets of the service industry. We approach restaurant interior design with a two-pronged philosophy that helps ensure a flawless exchange from front of house to back of house. On the serving floor, we strive to create a unique, engaging space for patrons that represents the look and feel of the brand while providing the spatial dynamic so essential to the busy atmosphere inherent to the service industry. On the functional side, in the back of house kitchen/preparatory area, we combine today’s highest technology with a sleek design aesthetic to provide those involved in preparation with the right tools and a logical setup.

As the vanguard of restaurants nowadays is the visual appeal, we work with our clients to ensure the decor of each restaurant interior design project is in line with their vision every step of the way, and always considerate of local occupancy requirements. Our balance of visual intrigue with practical setup consistently results in a successful setup that keeps the often hectic operations of a restaurant smooth and orderly.

As many restaurants nowadays are following a trend of including separate spaces that can be partitioned off to hold private engagements, we’ve mastered the craft of creating the ultimate versatile space that can be seamlessly altered to accommodate any variety of function, a hallmark of our take on restaurant interior design. As always, our commitment to ecologically sound design arches over every restaurant interior design project.