UDR View 14 Luxury Apartments

UDR View 14 Luxury Apartments

Washington, D.C.
June 2012

Situated in the trendy U Street Corridor neighborhood, the View 14 apartment community caters to the area’s bustling population of young professionals, spurring a fresh, contemporary approach to the interior design.

The View 14 multi-use room was intended to host a variety of events for the tenants, so the aim was to provide a comfortable, yet functional space with plenty of visual appeal. We created a liberal amount of sitting space, spread out over four wide chairs and an oversized ottoman, and affixed small laptop desks to each chair for improved functionability. A frosted glass partition sets off the View 14 business center in a way that prevents disturbance without hindering light. The classic furnishings, featuring wood and houndstooth fabric, are given a modern update with unexpected pops of bright color, including magenta, lime green and orange.

The View 14 lounge and party room has been decorated in neutral tones that combine soft, plushy fabrics with orange accents to create a warm, inviting space. Tenants of View 14 use this room for a variety of social functions, so it was important to fuse practicality with personality. Texture plays a large role here, from the lizard hide ottoman and bar chairs to the damask upholstered chair in the sitting area to the raked sand-textured carpet. The close proximity of the coffee bar to the sitting area is both convenient and helps to elongate the space of the room.

The carpet from the lounge sets the tone for the design of the View 14 game room, inspiring an overall neutral palette that features the same orange accents and texture, with the added element of light. The wall of windows opens to an outdoor area and the open weave drapery allows for plenty of light to filter in while affording a stunning view of the View 14 grounds.

Justin Wood